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Recruitment & HR

Recruitment & HR

Contrary to the common belief that recruitment is only a human resources function, a recruitment consultant's role involves extensive long-term relationship building skills with clients and candidates. The perfect candidate for a role should not only be the one who is the most qualified but more importantly, he/she should be an effective “change manager” with the ability to find innovative strategies to keep his/her role competitive & relevant within the industry. The team at KONSOL aims to provide just such a candidate. The idea is to go beyond the mandate and function as an extended HR arm for the client, to deliver the best solution within the best possible time. Clients from industries like Banking & Finance, IT, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Advertising, Hospitality & others can be covered.

The plan is to build on the solid foundation of networking and strong relationships forged by the founders to ensure a smooth progression in creating competence from concepts. Being professionals in the corporate platform for decades, the stakeholders now want to create an organization which delivers what they always wanted, being on the other side of the table. The aim is to provide a consolidated array of services like talent acquisition, advisory & manpower support in the recruitment process, outsourcing of part/entire HR activities and supplying of highly skilled & talented trainers to conduct Learning & Development modules.

Learning and Development is a function of Human Resources Management aimed at improving the growth of an organization through sharpening the technical and cognitive skills of the employees. The focus is on functional competencies and behavioural inputs.

In the corporate milieu our L & D Modules will help develop communication, self-awareness, influence and assimilation; bridge levels and functions; convert the leadership experience into strategy and action by building on different perspectives leading to optimal growth for self and the organization.

At KONSOL we firmly believe that our banking, learning and recruiting experts have the innovative solutions, necessary knowledge and domain expertise to help you drive your organisation's success.