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Human Resources

The HR wing is the culmination of the collective effort of a few bankers who left their corporate careers and decided to take up the challenge of delivering Recruitment and HR solutions envisaged from the perspective of the client company. We at KONSOL work with an increased urgency with focus on the customer and always looking to dramatically shift the way business is done from the outside in. Being professionals, in the Corporate platform for decades, we now want to create an organization that delivers what we always wanted being on the other side of the table. Our banking, learning and recruiting experts have innovative solutions, necessary knowledge and domain expertise to help you drive your organisation's success.

Our Values

Trust : With the exacting standards we have set for ourselves, we are confident of being able to live up to the trust reposed in us by our clients.

Ethics : The confidentiality of the client and the candidates are sacrosanct for us.

Honesty : No tall promises just a commitment to deliver the best at the right cost.

KONSOL has been built on a solid foundation of networking and strong relationships that has been forged over a number of years. Our values of quality first and ethical business practices are the keys to the success of our dream called KONSOL. Every contracted service provider and consultant has been carefully selected with our values in mind.