Career Counselling

Career counselling is a kind of advice and support provided by career counsellors to their clients to manage their journey through life, learning and their career lifecycle. This includes career exploration, making career choices, managing career changes, lifelong career developments and dealing with other career-related issues. Professional career counsellors give advice on their topic of expertise with counselling techniques that support clients in making complex career decisions and facing difficult situations.

We, at KONSOL, provide services in Career Counselling to students and professionals through interactive sessions. These sessions are conducted through International Standardised Tests, Assessment of Personality and discussions on a one-to-one basis, both virtually and in person.

We work with adolescents seeking to explore career options, experienced professionals contemplating a career change, parents who want to return to the world of work after taking time off to raise their children, or people seeking employment. .

The sessions are conducted in a way to help students get clarity on the academic path they should follow to build a secure future and give a clear path of career choice for professionals.

To seek advice on Career Counselling you may fill in the attached form and we shall revert to you within 48 hours for further discussion.